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Far from the quiet life

This is what happens when two designers and their retiring parents leave the bright lights of the big city and buy a small holding in the south of bonny Scotland. What started as a love for nature and the great outdoors elaborately blossomed into something more.

Far from the quiet life in the country, we now look after 80 acres, many sheep, chickens, geese, pigs, and horses. We’re restoring the land by planting native trees, growing wildflower meadows, encouraging all manner of wildlife. From this we produce, meat, eggs and wool which we sell direct to our fabulous customers.

We’ve also opened our gates to visitors with our off grid glamping and bothy, all whilst renovating the disused outbuildings and farmhouse.

There’s never a dull moment.


Once a part of a larger estate our farm built in the 1800’s has had many uses in the past, from a deer park, to turkey farm and finally dairy. It was abandoned in the mid 70’s and left to fall into a nature filled state of disrepair. We took the place over in 2015, and since have been restoring the farmhouse and outbuildings to their former glory, whilst maintaining the nature friendly environment we inherited.

We pride ourselves in the slow grown quality of our farm produce. Working with natural and organic processes to build an environment that is self-regenerative and environmentally friendly.

Our key produce is wool and meat from our small flock of heritage sheep, all raised to organic standards and from well-loved and happy animals.


We care about the environment that our animals live in and the impact we have on the world around us. That's why we work with nature, building diverse eco systems and habitats that benefit a whole host of plants and creatures.

Here we let things grow the slow way, the good old way, the way nature intended.

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