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love at first wiggle

The first time we ever met this lovable breed was at the Royal Highland Show, where a rather dashing tup delighted us with a tail wiggle following a pat on the head. We knew from this point on these were the sheep for us, and they’ve never led us to question that decision.


As one of Britain’s oldest sheep breeds Ryelands are steeped in history, the crowning glory of which is Queen Elizabeth I being so pleased with a gifted pair of stockings, she swore she would thereafter only wear clothing made from Ryeland wool. A true testament to the super fine quality Ryeland wool still carries today.


Ryelands truly thrive in or natural farming system, enjoying perusing through our herbal lays, and needing little to no additional input other than a good cuddle every now and again. They’re a crucial part to our regenerative practises to improve our environment.


We shear our Ryelands once a year in the summer months, and skirt and sort all our fleeces, we sell our Ryelands wool as raw fleece as well as sending a small amount away to be spun into yarn.


To view our wool collection, please follow the link to our farm shop:

All of our Ryeland's are registered with the Ryeland Flock Book Society (RFBS) more breed information can be found here.


A happy accident caused by an overzealous tup lamb led us to discover the Ryeland x Hampshire Down. These big wooly sheep produce wonderful fleece as well as great tasting meat, with all the calm loveable qualities of a Ryeland. We now have a small flock of crosses, who are 100% grass fed.


If you’re interested in any of our Ryeland cross wool, then please click below >

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