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a place where nature thrives

Gotland’s were the first sheep to arrive at the farm, bought purely for their curly silver fleeces. We didn’t know what to expect when they came off the trailer, but they soon stole our hearts (along with the contents of our pockets) with their endearing manners and inquisitive personalities.


The breed was established on the Swedish island of Gotland by the Vikings and first brought to the UK in 1972 where their numbers have continued to grow, popular for their skeins and fleeces as well as their meat.


Gotland sheep are well suited to our back-to-nature farm management style, and they love rootling through fields of herbs and wildflowers, playing and important role in regenerative grazing and pasture management.


We shear our Gotland’s twice a year, once in November to harvest the long summer curls, and once in April to relieve them of their coarse winter growth. Once shorn we sort and wash their fleece ready for spinning.


If you’re interested in any of our Gotland wool, then please click below >

All of our Gotland's are registered with the British Gotland Sheep Society (BGSS) more breed information can be found here.


Gotland’s also cross well with other British wool breeds such as Blue Faced Leicester’s and Teeswaters.

We currently have three Gotland x Blue Faced Leicester weathers who have the most amazing fleece.


If you’re interested in any of our Gotland cross wool, then please click below >

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